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How to get approval & earn from Adsterra 2022

How to get approval & earn from Adsterra 2022

To Earn from Adsterra, firstly you must know what Adsterra actually is. Adsterra is currently a well-known global CPA affiliate network with a distinct Partner Care philosophy. They aid publishers in maximizing eCPM with their user-friendly sophisticated traffic solutions and the best staff in the business, while advertisers are assisted in meeting their KPIs and increasing ROI.

It presently runs 150K+ successful campaigns and serves more than 30 billion unique ad impressions each month.

They now collaborate with more than 12K brands, affiliates, media companies, and ad networks, as well as more than 18K direct publishers that work in both major and niche sectors.

30 billion monthly impressions

150K+ effective campaigns

Covered Geos 248

Over 18K direct publishers

Adsterra is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a superior AdSense substitute. Additionally, it is a fantastic platform to reach a wider audience for those who wish to advertise their ads

How to Get Approved and Earn from Adsterra?

Adsterra is one of the largest and most effective advertising companies in the world. Any website owner or blogger can make money using Adsterra’s services, but before you get started, it’s important to learn how to get approved and Earn from Adsterra. Once you know the requirements and are able to meet them, you can start earning money right away! Learn more about adsterra approval here in this blog post!


Steps to take before applying

Earn from Adsterra

Now that you know the basics of how Adsterra works, it’s time to learn what they’re looking for in a new member who wants to Earn from Adsterra. They want advertisers who are experienced and who have had experience with other ad networks. You need to submit your website URL, your revenue per month and if you already advertise on another network. The more money you make off ads, the more money they will take out of your earnings – so make sure to disclose this information! 

If approved, all members will be required to provide basic personal information like full name, address and phone number. You can also specify whether or not you’ll use adult content on your site (this is important because there are restrictions on the types of ads allowed). If approved, members can expect payments every Friday via PayPal or check (depending on which country you live in). Payment amounts depend on how much traffic your site gets and how many impressions/clicks each day receive.

What is ad quality?


Ad quality is the difference between getting approved for Adsterra as an advertiser and not being approved. Here’s what you need to know about the best ad network 2022, which is Adsterra. 

Qualities of a good ad unit include transparency, clarity, and targeting specifics. From there, these qualities will allow your audience to make up their own minds about your product or service without feeling pressured into clicking on your ad because they don’t understand what it says or if they would be interested in it. Clarity should also extend into the explanation of what being clicked on a specific ad actually means for the user.


Ensure you meet all the requirements

A website creator or blogger may consider Adsterra to be a great way to monetize their content. The best ad network in 2022, Adsterra has a lengthy approval process, but it is worth it for the many benefits. 

You can contact Adsterra through its site to request an evaluation of your website’s traffic, content, and products offered. They will ask you questions about your products/services and why they should approve you as a publisher on their network. For example, the company might ask you what makes your product better than the competition. 

You’ll need to have good answers ready before contacting them because this one question alone could determine whether or not they approve you on their ad network.


Money in your Adsterra account

If you do not already have an account with the best ad network 2022, then now is the time to start working on getting approved. Once your business is up and running, it’s a good idea to set up a profile where you can take in ads. You may want to look at sites like iTunes or even Open Table for appropriate opportunities. The best ad network 2022 offers a range of cost-effective advertising options that are relevant to specific industries including engineering consulting, software development, and medical recruitment. 

If your application is denied by the best ad factory for 2022, know that it does not mean your entire campaign will fail.


When will you be paid?

For every successful sponsored post, you’ll earn a guaranteed $30. When we say successful, we mean one that meets all of the following criteria: has had at least 2,000 impressions, an average social reach of 500 people, or is posted in an audience of at least 500 people. There are a few other things that affect your earnings, too: how long you stay in the system (and active), what position you’re sponsored in, and whether or not it’s our top ad for the day. Once all those details have been considered—including our business needs at the time—we’ll email you with your final payment amount.


Earning more as an influencer with high-quality content

If you are looking for ways to make more money, you’re probably thinking about becoming an influencer. You know, there are people out there that have influence over their audience and they make a lot of money by promoting products or services in their posts. This is a great way to make more money because people buy what the influencer recommends. 

That’s not all though! If you manage your blog properly, you can monetize your blog with ads on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. 

What if you could go one step further? What if it was possible for us as bloggers/influencers to be able to share in the financial gains made by promoting certain ads? Well my friend it IS possible.


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