How to Earn from Tumblr Now 2022

To Earn from Tumblr. Let us see how Tumblr can help make you money with its unique features. There are several social networks available nowadays where you may connect with people who share your interests, exchange stories, and even promote your ideas. While some systems are geared toward text message delivery, others gather visual material. As a result, it is simple to select the appropriate one and connect with others who share your interests. One of these networks is Tumblr, which enables users to exchange brief articles, images, and other kinds of information while also promoting their own blogs and websites. So, the question is: how can you make the most of Tumblr? Good….! Let’s read the full article to know this.


What’s Tumblr

To Earn from Tumblr, images, music, and videos of any kind can be shared on Tumblr, a creative social networking site. Because the posts are brief, it resembles Twitter somewhat. Therefore, this blogging tool and social network combo was created for writers who value thoroughness.

You will receive a Tumblelog to put content in after registering. You may add pages to your Tumblelog the same way you do with any other blog. It is possible to like other users’ posts and repost them with a single click. When you publish changes, your blog’s subscribers will be alerted. Users also can have a private chat.

Why Prefer Tumblr

But is Tumblr a viable source of income? According to Search Engine Journal, Tumblr is the most popular platform for millennials and young people between the ages of 18 and 29. There are a lot of opportunities to make money off of this large audience.

It’s simple to publish and interact with other users because to the platform’s user-friendly layout. The community is therefore quite active, and you may leverage it to monetize your Tumblr account to Earn from Tumblr. The platform is great for developing a business blog to promote a brand, grow the audience, and boost sales.

It also permits sharing short pieces if you don’t want to publish articles that readers will read in their entirety. As part of their social media marketing, several merchants utilize Tumblr.

Let’s look at the qualities that make Tumblr so well-liked right now:

1. A lot of rich media is used.

2. Enables you to create your own blog and buy and acquire your own themes from top to bottom.

3. Permits sharing of tweets and Facebook postings.

4. Contains advertisements of any kind to increase money.

5. If you add the advertisements yourself, they will appear on your page.

6. You are allowed to have an unlimited number of blogs.

7. Free domain mapping to your blog using an existing domain.

People find it simple to generate money using Tumblr, which is another impressive feature of the platform. To start a visually beautiful blog or keep up with various sorts of material, no specific skills are required. Furthermore, according to Quantcast statistics, it is a free, quickly expanding platform with 250 million page visits and 33 million new articles.

The Best Advice & Techniques to Earn from Tumblr

How can you monetize Tumblr? is a subject we’ll address in this post as well as some strategies for community building. In order to gain the trust of others, it is crucial to continue to be active and show proficiency in your profession.

To keep readers engaged, it is important to provide many publications every week. To distinguish yourself from the competition, develop your unique brand voice. You can follow certain blogs, businesspeople, or even corporations to gain knowledge from their expertise for this goal.

People publish photographs and brief messages on Tumblr’s vivid background. To help others find your Tumblelog and to enable Tumblr to suggest it, don’t forget to include keywords, tags, and hashtags. Let’s now examine how Tumblr may be made profitable.


You may use advertising to promote the goods of other firms on your site. There are renowned networks like Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads or Google AdSense.

Earn from Tumblr

To practice the successful method of monetization, one can apply for Infolinks or other options. Choose the service you want, create an account there by signing up, and go through quickly. Please keep in mind that each network has unique needs and subtleties to the procedure. The prices you receive per click or impression are the essential factor to take into account. In general, you will receive payment each time a person accesses your page and clicks on one of the adverts there.

Only visitors with high levels of motivation will click on your adverts. Increased participation and traffic direction are therefore required. 

The Affiliate Linking

Does Tumblr receive revenue from affiliate marketing? If you use affiliate links on your Tumblr site, you may make a decent income. The Travelpayouts partnership platform is the most successful example of earning. Simply direct traffic from your Tumblr account to Rentalcars, GetYourGuide,, or another travel business to earn commissions.

Earn from Tumblr

You may join Travelpayouts and start making money from your content right now, even if you’ve only recently started your travel blog. On each reservation for a travel service, you may make up to 20%. Travelpayouts gave partners nearly $5M in only 2021. Join the free Travelpayouts partnering platform now to start making money on flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel-related services.

In the areas of home furnishings, real estate, travel, web hosting, etc., there are a tonne of different affiliate opportunities available to earn money on Tumblr. However, it’s essential to pick the ones that connect with your content. To keep your account and let it expand without difficulty, refrain from posting a lot of links. Your account can be suspended for abusing affiliate links.

To earn additional money, sponsored posts can also be published. In any case, keep in mind that offering excellent and interesting material is more crucial than merely touting the advantages of your sponsors’ products.

In order for links to appear when users repost images, Tumblr affiliate links can be placed to the captions of the images. It’s a useful method for driving visitors to your primary website, where you ought to include as many affiliate links as you can.

Publicize Your Work

Place Links to your online store, blog, YouTube channel, and other networks if you wish to fly on your own instead of using Tumblr affiliate marketing. Additionally, you may assist the store based on Bonanza or Zibbet (the choice is determined by your product category). Links to your social network accounts are another option. It works well for selling all products, including e-books and courses.

Create infographics and upload them (they work very well on Tumblr), share images of examples of your design work, and include quotations from your blog or book in order to get visitors interested in your services. To give one example, AnnaStreetStudio advertises bespoke handbags and purses, a variety of accessories, cosmetics bags, and jewelry for any occasion.

To display their work, many seasoned photographers have Tumblr profiles.

You also have the option of opening your own Tumblr store. You should follow certain instructions for this.

1. Sign up for a free Tumblr account.

2. Select an interesting subject.

3. Make each product’s dashboard title unique.

4. Include a description of the product’s characteristics and benefits.

Visitors will therefore see the title, an article outlining the main aspects of the product, and a button.

Post Content from Your Travel Blog

Use any Tumblr affiliate scheme, or upload images and videos that serve as instructions or guides to various websites and settings, if you want to increase the revenue from your blog. You may use quotations to highlight interesting locations, travel strategies, or advice that will benefit both travelers and you. Your travel specialization will determine the formats and substance of your postings.

Review of a Book

You can write product reviews if it’s not possible to monetize Tumblr through affiliate marketing or advertising your own items. You can try your hand at writing reviews if you’re a voracious reader with a keen sense of literature. Any literary genre can be reviewed, including textbooks, business manuals, documentaries, and more.

Selling Ad Space

You can make money by selling out space on your page to other publishers if you aren’t going to stream posts all the time. To do this, you must first submit your Tumblr blog for approval, after which you must increase its popularity.

It implies that you must meet the most fundamental criteria, such as having a tonne of traffic, original and pertinent digital content, and excellent design. Similar to other platforms, the selling procedure is the same here. The only distinction is that you must code the advertisement into your Tumblr theme.

Keep in mind that if you want to sell direct ad space, you need to put in the time and effort to discover advertisers and get in touch with them directly to negotiate.

Make and market Tumblr themes

Because many users are able to locate good free themes on their own, this kind of revenue needs the highest level of originality. You must thus provide something special in order to get people to pay for it. You merely need to develop your technical abilities in order to create Tumblr themes if you have a creative mind and a good sense of style.

Because of this, you should consider colors, menus for navigation, graphics and typography, social-sharing icons, and the zoning of space while trying to sell them.

Teach others How to Use Tumblr

You’ll become more familiar with Tumblr over time. Then you may start instructing newcomers and utilize your expertise and abilities to offer one more way to Earn from Tumblr. You may accomplish it by watching videos, photos, or text-based information. Include helpful links and make sure to clearly explain every element.

How to Make Money Online Through Tumblr 

Monetizing Tumblr requires effort, time, and creativity just like every other site.

To Earn from Tumblr, you may monetize your Tumblr account using Tumblr AdSense, affiliate links, or any of the other methods discussed above. Tumblr’s versatility, which enables the quick execution of any blog ideas, is its main asset.


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