WhatsApp New Features Debut 2022 Updates

WhatsApp New Features

WhatsApp New Features Debut 2022 Updates. In one of the biggest updates in WhatsApp’s history, they rolled out new features to their app in 2022. In addition to some under-the-hood changes, they also released some more exciting new features that will fundamentally change how users interact with the platform. Here’s what users can expect from WhatsApp in 2022, and how these new features are sure to impact the world of communication as we know it.


Hashtag Support: WhatsApp New Features

The new features coming to WhatsApp later this year sound pretty promising. Meta announced a handful of new updates and changes in Whatsapp at the Mobile World Congress, including privacy and backup improvements. The Facebook-owned company first announced plans to release new features like group chats and live video calling to their popular messaging app back in October 2018. However, the event hosted by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., at MWC 2019 gave the public its first glimpse into what these new WhatsApp updates might look like.
##WhatsApp Backup Support: A major concern with people using social media platforms has been security and safety concerns, so WhatsApp understands that having your chat history backed up is important as you could potentially lose data due to phone malfunctions or worse, just lose your phone altogether.

Emoji Suggestions: WhatsApp New Features

Users will be able to change their emojis so they fit with their moods. It’s called Whatsapp Emoji Suggestions and is planned to launch in 2022. Once you choose an emoji, it will automatically become your current emoji and you can change it whenever you want. You can also replace a word with a gif as soon as the thought pops into your head so that all of your messages have more meaning. The Whatsapp Suggestions will enable people to make smarter decisions about what they say on WhatsApp! WhatsApp Emoji Suggestions are not only making conversations better but are saving time when looking for specific emojis! In addition, WhatsApp suggestions could be the future of languages because there are over 2 million different emojis currently being used.

Private Groups Chatting: WhatsApp New Features

Recently, WhatsApp Group Chat Privacy has been a major topic on social media. Starting in the coming weeks, users will have the option to create secret groups with end-to-end encryption. This means that it’s less likely that any chat message you send will be intercepted by someone outside of your group chat or someone who might be working for a hacker.

WhatsApp New Features

Although we don’t know how many people can belong to one secret group or what the repercussions are if they do break the rules, WhatsApp is taking steps toward increasing users’ privacy and ensuring their messages are safe.

Desktop Application Launch: WhatsApp New Features

The WhatsApp Desktop Application was launched with the intention of minimizing online distractions. The new desktop app is very easy to use and provides a cleaner interface than WhatsApp’s mobile app. It also will offer an experience closer to what many people are used to with email or chat apps. The development team focused on making it usable by those who use more than one device (home, work, mobile) and not just those who have personal computers at home. Consequently, there was an intention of building an optimized application that can be used alongside Whatsapp Messenger as opposed to replacing it.

Archival of Media Messages

WhatsApp New Features

Another useful feature for WhatsApp users is the ability to archive messages. You can also export media files from WhatsApp. However, if you haven’t done this yet, you may need to fix your settings in order to do so. After doing so, all your media files will be available for viewing.

Voice Feature Enhanced

Another great feature WhatsApp launched is its ability to store voice messages. Unlike traditional text messages, these can be paused or resumed. In addition, you can now see the waveform when the recording is underway. You can also use the voice message draft preview to hear the message before you send it. Furthermore, the playback feature will remember your last pause, and the playback speed can be 1.5x or 2x.

Community Feature

WhatsApp will also introduce a community feature, which will give group administrators more power to manage a community. This will allow them to control who can join a community. It will also introduce a new search shortcut in the contact information section. This will be right next to the video call icon. Users can also access the search option from the home screen of the app. This will make it easier to search for any message in any group.


Another new feature coming to WhatsApp will allow users to create polls. A screenshot of this feature shows a poll that allows up to 12 members to vote. This feature has already been spotted in the desktop version of WhatsApp, but the company has not announced a release date. It will likely come out this year.

Chat Privacy

The app is also testing a feature that prevents screenshots of messages. This feature is similar to what Snapchat has done, but WhatsApp users will still be able to capture screenshots of their messages using other devices.

Business Subscription

WhatsApp is also planning to roll out a new business subscription option for its users. The new package will offer a number of benefits, including the ability to connect up to ten devices and a bespoke corporate link. WhatsApp will also give users the option to opt-out of the subscription plan. And for those who are already members of WhatsApp, the app is already a great way to stay connected.

Auto Logout

WhatsApp is also planning to introduce an auto-log-out feature for users. This will be a great feature for users. The app will also allow users to schedule messages. This will make the chats more interesting and exciting. Aside from that, it will also allow users to attach emojis and text to their messages. This feature will be available to all users soon after the update is released. What’s more, this feature is already available on WhatsApp beta.

Mark Important Messages

Another feature is the ability to mark important messages for quick reference. This feature will come in handy for business people who have multiple messages that must be responded to quickly. To do this, a user simply long-hold the message and clicks on the Star icon in the top panel. From there, the user can choose the day and time for the message to be sent.


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